Hardwood Floors


Wow your guests with exotic hardwood flooring by Minnesota Flooring.  Reap the benefits of over 80 years of experience to get the floor of your home looking fabulous.  Call us today to get a FREE estimate

Choose your hardwood in different varieties from our well engineered and solid hardwood collection made to perfection using natural elements

Laminate Floors


Transform a room or your entire home by choosing great laminate flooring options.  Call us today to find out more about our 1 year warranty on labor.



Minnesota Flooring specializes in tile sale and installation services.  Choose from a range of sleek options, easy to clean, hypoallergenic tile options for you home or business

Rest assured knowing that our tiles are durable, fire resistant, not susceptible to staining and crack and scratch resistant.



Minnesota Flooring offers a wide variety of strong and durable carpets for your home and business.  All of our carpets are made to protect you from the harsh winters of Minnesota.  Call us today for your FREE estimate.

Vinyl Floors


Vinyl floors are an economical option that will fit perfectly in your budget to give your home a face lift.  You can choose to match vinyl floors to adapt to any decor.  

Interior Design Services


Minnesota Flooring has over 80 years of interior designing experience and has transformed many homes in Minnesota.  Our knowledgeable and competent staff will make sure you fall in love with your home all over again.